ANTHEM evokes an up-beat, light-hearted mood, with 5 rhythmic designs.offered on a large range of base cloths for contract interiors. With musical design names the collection has a nod to dancehall days and movement within the design mark that gives a handcrafted, artisan feel to the print.  This collection is a perfect solution for soft furnishings in bedrooms and public spaces, with fabric options including blackout, dim-out, regular drape qualities and a waterproof upholstery base cloth in the mix. Including a simple organic design, a textured stripe and some soft geometrics, the collection offers a contemporary solution, perfect for male or female. 

This collection blurs the gap between hospitality and care, providing inspirational designs which work well with the Skopos range of upholsteries, providing a fresh solution for hotel interiors and providing a quirky lift to interiors for Care.

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