Skopos is ISO9001: 2008 accredited and all our fabrics are designed to meet the safety and performance standards required in the contract soft furnishings market. 

Our collections comply to international FR and contract specifications, meeting the following FR requirements (Some fabrics may require changes to construction to meet specific local requirements, this information is available from the Customer Services department

Bedding and drape fabrics

  • Drapes – BS 5867 parts1& 2, type A, Band C
  • M1/M2
  • DIN 4102 B1 low flammability, B2 normal flammability
  • CSE RF 1/75/A and CSE RF 3/77 class 1
  • EN 13773
  • Bedding – BS7175 (crib 5)
  • Cruise – IMO Resolution A471 (X11), IMO A563 (14)
  • Classe Uno

Upholstery fabrics

  • BS 5852 part 1 (cigarette and match), part 2 (crib 5)
  • BS 7176 predictively tested – low and medium hazard areas
  • BSEN 1021:1 + 2 (cigarette and match)
  • EN 13773
  • IMO A652 (16) as embodied in IMO – 844E
  • Classe Uno

Soil Resist

Printed upholstery fabrics are available with a soil resist finish to  help maintain the appearance of fabrics in high usage contract environments.

Fabric Aftercare Instructions

Our collections include a wide variety of compositions and thus specific aftercare instructions differ for each quality.  These instructions can be found on the product data sheets.

Our general recommendations are as follows:

  • Use a detergent powder
  • Do not wash in hypochlorite bleach
  • Do not use optical brightening agents
  • Do not use pure soap
  • To maintain the flame retardant properties, regular washing or dry cleaning dependent on the fabric’s composition is recommended.
  • Overloading machines can cause premature wear/colour loss. We recommend a maximum load of 65%.
  • Slight colour loss may occur on dark shades during laundering.
  • Shrinkage approximately 3% (BS 4923 - 5A/E), (BSEN 26330:1994)

Fabric Care Downloads