At Skopos we have a strong environmental ethos, all our staff are involved in the development and implementation of initiatives to reduce our impact on the planet.

Environmental Products

All our products are developed with an environmentally conscious approach - we explore the most environmentally friendly ways of meeting customer needs and expectations and seek to maintain this balance between sustainability and recyclability within our portfolio.

Sustainable and Biodegradable

Our first collection, launched over 30 years ago was a cotton print. Our heritage is grounded in printed natural textiles and we have retained this core to our business over the years. Over 50% of our collections are made from sustainable yarns, such as linen and cotton. Collections include dyed plains and printed ranges. Indeed more than 50% of our products are manufactured from sustainable and biodegradable materials.


Many of our products are 100% polyester, inherently FR and these are all recyclable after use. Overall 40% of our products are 100% recyclable.

Safe Chemicals

Contract quality fabrics can require more stringent and demanding specifications to fulfill the need for permanent flame retardancy, durability and vigorous aftercare. This can involve the use of chemicals during processing to ensure a durable and permanent flame retardant finish. 

Wherever possible, we minimise the use of chemicals. But where the construction of the fabric requires it, we ensure legal limits are adhered to. We identify on our data sheets where formaldehyde, heavy metals, bromide or AZO dyes have been used in the processing of the fabrics so that our customers can make an informed choice.


Many of our polyester products are accredited by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class IV. This information is provided on the individual product data sheets.

Product Data Sheets